St Cirq Lapopie, France

We headed down the road with the goal of returning to Cahors after seeing the Grotto Pech Merle. The town at the near the Grotto was called Cabrerets. As is our nature we pulled over to take a look. As you can see Arnie is loving the day.

We stopped in at Bouziers so we could scare the willies out of our selves crossing another one car at a time bridge and see some cliff dwellings.

Chance is a strange and wonderful thing. I saw a sign that read St. Cirq Lapopie 4.5km. It was a why not moment.... So, after a trip up a long, skinny, twisty road we were just about to turn around when another driver trapped us into the line for the parking lot. So there we were parking to see something and not knowing what that something would be. What we found was delightful, and even though we said we were moving to Carennac day before yesterday, we are choosing this adorable place.

We made it back to Cahors in time to find a parking space, and have dinner. Life is good.
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Location:Cahors, Lot Valley, France

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  1. Love the photos of this picturesque town. Cute cow! Is it covered in decorative paint or flowers? Also, thanks Jodi for shooting a photo of Arnie. I like to see corny posed shots of both of you.



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