Albi on the Tarn

The bells of Sainte-Cecile Catherdral and the rolling thunder are playing a duet in this ancient vibrant city on the Tarn. Little Tuscany, as Albi is sometimes called, enchanted us with it's colorful gardens, and architectural treasurers.

We wondered the streets of the old center dodging the occasional rain showers. We didn't need to worry about the weather while we were inside the old "Bishops Palace" viewing the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. It was interesting how he would take one sketch and render different works of art using different mediums each time. We enjoyed the covered walk at the Bishops Palace.

In addition to the museum housing the works of Toulouse-Lautrec, the other notable landmark is Sainte-Cecile Catherdral. It is the worlds largest brick cathedral. It is a master piece of southern France gothic architecture. The entire interior is painted and the interior decorations defies description.

The last photo is of Saint-Cecile. We have visited many different cathedrals in our travels, this was a total jaw dropper.
Since the afternoon weather was fair we took advantage of one of my favorite pastimes, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, enjoying a tasty meal and watching throngs of busy shoppers ladened with wicker baskets full of baguettes, fromages, and vin (bread, cheese and wine).
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Location:Albi, France

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