Carcassonne, France - La deuxième partie

La Cité, the walled city, is only one section of the city. For tourists, it might as well be all there is though. The lower part of Carcassonne, is a poor step-sister that is dowdy and plain. We spent the better part of the day wandering the streets looking for some color and were left disappointed. But, our walk wasn't totally without merit.

Jodi was able to get a great shot of the fortress from down below. And, we did find a square that was lively, and filled with people sitting under umbrellas enjoying themselves.

The best part of our day was when we rented bikes for a few hours. (You had to figure that I was going to find away to squeeze cycling in somehow.)

The Canal du Midi passes through here and we rode along its shore for a time enjoying the tranquility. The canal is used extensively these days for recreational barge vacations. It is something that we have considered off and on, and may well do in the future.
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Location:Rue Raymond Roger Trencavel,Carcassonne,France

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