Orange & La Roque Sur Ceze, France

Any citizen of ancient Rome would have felt right at home. The buildings they would be familiar with are represented in Orange, the only difference is that the scale is smaller to accommodate the small numbers of people.

Most impressive is the ancient theater, still used to this day. The acoustics in this 2000 year old place are astounding. Another example of Roman magic.

The city of Orange was colorful, bustling, and fun. We strolled through the many plazas with their colorful awnings and umbrellas, and the busy lanes lined with shops and crowded with shoppers going about their lives.

La Roque Sur Ceze took up our afternoon. Since we hadn't done any climbing since oh, yesterday, it was time to scale the steep cobbled streets of this cute place.

I was hoping it would be dull and not worth the effort so I could suggest we head back to the car since the temperature was nearing 100 again today, but each bend in the road brought another picture perfect sight.

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Location:Provence, France

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