Carcassonne, no longer a board game for us!

Our first day in Carcassonne ended with Leffe Blonde Biere and Wild Boar Stew! Just the sound of that "Wild Boar Stew" takes you back centuries to a time wenches might have slapped down a pewter platter with this on it along with a tankard of mead.

In this city where Cathars and Catholics clashed, it is easy to loose yourself and take a trip on the Wayback Machine with Mr. Peabody. That is if you can overlook all the souvenir shops.

Tonight, we'll rest our heads in a town that has known religious strife and conflict for thousands of years wondering at the fact that so little has changed over the centuries. We paid for a tour today, something that we don't usually do, but this time having a historian share his knowledge, in an entertaining fashion, helped bring this city to life for us.

Invasion after invasion from the Romans, to the Franks, to the Visigoths, to the British and French Kings, this city has seen more than its fair share of death and destruction.

And, of course, as a mega tourist destination, second only to Mont St. Michel in France, shopping opportunities abound. Most of then we can avoid, but sweets of one kind or another, usually chocolate, are not so easily ignored.
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Location:Rue Raymond Roger Trencavel,Carcassonne,France

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