Amboise Chateau and Chateau Clos du Luce

Our meanderings returned us to Amboise where we spent the afternoon visiting the two chateau in town. Chateau Clos du Luce was where Leonardo de Vinci spent his last years. The chateau is now pretty much devoted to sharing his genius with the visitors. The chateau is beautiful and the grounds are captivating, but in my opinion, it was not worth the 12.50 Euro for each of us.
Our afternoon explorations left me a little underwhelmed, but that's okay. The morning more than made up for it as I detailed in the previous post.

But, Jodi is of a different opinion. She disagrees, and feels that 12.50 Euro was a real value. She was totally enthralled and shot many photos of da Vinci's models.

She particularly like the full size models that are spread around the grounds.
Afterward, we made a much needed pit-stop at Amorino's, a very upscale glacee' (ice cream filled brioche, ice cream, and gelatto) emporium, for a pick-me up.

YouTube Video

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Location:Amboise, France


  1. Oh, the glacee sounds divine! I'd like to see a photo of that next time please :)

    Love the video shots of the chateaus. It sure doesn't seem very crowded. Is that the case?

    1. Karen, we have been really fortunate to have arrived at several of the chateau before opening and the bus crowds, but there have been a few that have been very busy and I haven't take as much video, I' m glad you like them. I'm finding that I like doing them more than I like taking photos. The next time we come across one of the Amorino Glacee' stores we'llmake sure to capture some images for you.



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