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Jodi and me in Bruges, Belgium

Jodi and I love to travel, though we aren't able to do it as often as we would like. And this blog reflects that passion. 
It also reflects another passion of mine, cycling. (You might have already figured that out from the picture above.)  Particularly as it is used in the Netherlands and Denmark for transportation purposes. Our posts will be a mix of these two interests.

In 2003, we traveled to Germany and drove along the Romantische Strasse and into Bavaria.  We visited Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Oberammergau, and Munich.  In 2006, we once again were in Germany, though this time along the Rhine. We also visited Bruges in Belgium, Amsterdam, and Northern Germany, as well as Denmark. 

2011 finds us in France, from Annecy to the Alsace to Normandie and finally, Paris.

2012 and once again we are headed back to France.  This time, though, through the Loire, Dordogne, and Provence, before returning to Paris.


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