Carennac, Lot Valley, France

Never heard of Carennac before today. Sometimes it's good to get a little lost, or as we sometimes call it "Having a spotted chicken adventure."

Somewhere on the road between Sarlat and Rocamadour, we stumbled off the beaten path and found ourselves on country lanes no wider than our car, and a bridge that I swore we could not possibly cross other than on foot. Our little road eventually lead us to the arresting village of Carennac. I think we have decided to move here and call this town home. At least for today.
As it turned out this is one of the villages that has been named one of France's "Les Beaux Villages". A designation given to the most beautiful villages in France. In the last two years we have seen a few of these, and they deservedly earn the recognition.

It was one of those visits that you don't want to have come to an end. The babbling of brooks, the chirping of the birds, and scent of the flowers only enhanced the aura of the medieval structures that surrounded us.

I kid you not when I say that we have fallen in love with Carrenac.

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  1. Arnie and Jo, I fell in love with this little village also. So beautiful!

  2. It was a great village and I particularly loved the cafe' in the video where we stopped for chocolat chaude.I think we might come across a few more villages in the next two weeks that we will want to move to.



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