Cahors: lovely day along twisty turny roads

Our journey through the rural countryside reminded Arnie of his boyhood, when his family would travel along tight turny roads to reach a relative or to get to the airforce base. It was not as exciting as yesterday when we crossed a one way rickety wooden bridge in our car, but today was lively in its own lushly green way. As we reached Cahors we checked into our hotel, "Hotel Terminus".

In the lobby is a photo of this hotel from 1895, with what must have been its proud owners out front. The facade is decorated with heavy Romanesque motifs and moldings. Inside I was surprised to see that nearly every window on the ground floor was stained glass. If you look there are indications that this old lady is fading in places but the furnishings are so quaint the this can be over looked. Our room is very large and comfortable, I was pleased to see it had air conditioning. Though I am not all together how or why you would need one, our bathroom is equipped with a bidet. All in all, there is an aura that hardens back to the 19th century.

Sitting here on the terrace, with Arnie, and the ginger colored hotel cat, and golden evening light filtering through the tall trees that line the street, I feel incredibly lucky to be here.

We were offered a walking tour map of the city and enjoyed all the points of interest, including Pont Vellandre, the bridge you see below.

Cahors secret gardens were a big delight. Each one had a different theme. We walked along, using the guide map and happened upon them in randomly located nooks and crannies and courtyards through the old city.

Cahors is not a city of block buster tourist sights, but we found this working class town to have a certain warmth and charm about it that welcomed us in. Also it's old town fed our love of medieval buildings.

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Location:Cahors, France

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