Pont du Gard, France

A must see in Provence is the Pont du Gard. No photo is capable of conveying the true grandeur of this structure. The scale if of this bridge is awesome. Even after going through the museum here that has a wonderful exhibit with mockups of the building process, it still leaves me scratching my head in amazement. How the Romans accomplished these feats of engineering is beyond me.

Walking across the Pont, on the section that Napolean added for his troops, we found graffiti carved into the stone. It wasn't until later that we realized their significance. The etched words and symbols, some dating back the 1600's were inscribed by later artisans paying tribute to the men that built this structure.

Additionally, nearby was a cave once used by prehistoric peoples. I wonder if the Romans knew that it was used by ancient peoples?

The nearest sizable town near our tiny little village is Uzes. After our time at the Pont du Gard we decided to check it out in the 90+ degree heat. No worries though. It's a dry heat;-)

Luckily we had a nice breeze to keep us cool during our stroll around Uzes, France. The tourist office had a walking tour that had us viewing this friendly, sunny town. We each slurped down sorbet in cones as we slowly followed the tour map.

While we are in this section of Provence our home base is an ideal Chambre d'Hotes (Bed and Breakfast) called, La Magnanerie in Saint Siffret, France.

It was a pleasure to end our excursions everyday and relaxed either in our naturally cool rooms or by the pool. Saint Siffret is a quiet oasis. Arnie did a fabulous job as tour planner of finding this sanctuary in Provence.

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Location:Pont du Gard, Provence, France

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