Grotto Pech Merle cave art

After days of playing mountain goat scampering up and down the steep cobbled steps and lanes, Jodi has quite literally walked her sandals to shreds. They are now in that place that all worn out sandals find themselves at the end of a long and fulfilling life, they have retired to the south of France.

Grotto Pech Merle was a step even further back in time from the middle ages and french revolution era to pre-history. Our journey back in time took us many, many meters under ground into a world of prehistoric cave art. Each step downward the temperature dropped from the balmy 85 degrees outside to a very clammy 40 plus degrees almost as if to remind us of the otherness of the experience.

The setting was unreal, or maybe I should say surreal, with stalagmites and stalactites glistening in the lamplight as we made our way in the semi gloom from cave drawings of bison, mammoths, cave bear, and horses. So, very eerie to be in a place that was inhabited by our ancestors 25,000 years ago.

It is believed that the same clan of people controlled the caves the the area. The same motifs, techniques and hand prints were found in this and near by caves. Ancient man used these caves for religious and spiritual connection.

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Location:Rue des Cadourques,Cahors,France

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