Tours, Respite from the Chateau

Chateau are great, but... We decided on change of pace and set off to visit the city of Tours for a few hours. The city is mostly a modern busy city with little to recommend it to the casual visitor, but there is a small part, Les Vieux Tours, the old town, that is a maze of 15th and 16th century half timbered buildings.

Right now we are sitting at Place Plumerau the hub. The square is surrounded on all sides with restaurants like some food court at the local mall, only the ambiance is much nicer, folks riding their bikes, birds singing their songs, and people.... Well, people doing what they do at this hour, eating and drinking, wine, just like the food court, except for the wine of course, but with a lot better food.

Jodi pulled out her sketch pad and has pencil in hand as she renders her impression of some of the half-timbered buildings around the square. We'll see about posting that drawing eventually.

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Location:Place Plumereau,Tours,France

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