Chenonceau, Cheverny, and Chambord

The truth, there are so many chateau in the Loire Valley that you can't possibly take them all in. Chenonceau, Cheverny, and Chambord are three of the most notable.

Chenonceau, because of its beauty and unique design. We were there bright and early, as is our way, and beat the crush of the tour bus crowd. Chenoceau sits astride the River Cher like a swan. It's ivory facade reflecting in the river like a pearl.

We had the run of the place and were able to move about this magnificent chateau unimpeded. This made viewing the exquisite furniture and tapestries a joy. The tour of the gleaming kitchens was a marvel as we were blinded by the light dancing off the highly polished copper cookware.

Cheverny, still lived in, and beautifully maintained by the same family since its construction, is a real gem. Some of the walls are covered in ornate tapestries while others are hand painted wall panels. The rooms of this chateau are so well furnished in period pieces, because the castle has been in the family's hands all along, that you get an excellent picture of what life was like for the original family members.

And, Chambord, the immensity of which I am not sure can be effectively shared in word or photo, is quite the opposite. It had fallen into disrepair and there are very few furnishings in this cavernous building. That said, there is every reason to visit to see this monster and its central double spiral staircase that intertwines with one another. It is possible for one person to be going up the staircase and another going down and never see one another.

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Location:Rue Lavoisier,Chinon,France

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  1. Arnie, Great video of the chateau and the rooms. The furniture looked so well cared for. I especially liked catching a few shots of Jodi. Kind of like "Where's Waldo", I keep looking for her in the videos hoping to catch a glimpse. Are we going to get any photos of you and your honey?



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