Chinon to Bellac to Sarlat

We started today with a lovely breakfast at the Diderot Hotel with many jam choices that are made on the premises. I was hoping to see the friendly German couple there that we met last night, but they were not down yet. Our first day at the Diderot we met with one group of bikers from England and another from Switzerland. They were all in high spirits and fun to talk to. I was almost talked me into cross country biking.

We checked out about 8:00 and took off down the road. After about 2 hours, we decided to stop and have a snack. For no apparent reason we chose Bellac for this pause in the trip. What we found was a sweet quiet town with a lot of simple charm.

We knew that it would be another 2 hours before we reached our destination so we took a long stroll around the town, picked up a couple of pain au chocolat, and Fantas. And, then back in the Twingo we hopped.

We were very ready to leave the A20 highway and starting to doubt our GPS when we finally saw the signs leading us to Sarlat. We were blasted with close to 90 degree temps. when at last we rolled into the square in front of our hotel, and threw open the car doors.

We dropped off the bags, freshened up a bit, and went out to find lunch since it was now about 2:30. We were immediately in love with Sarlat. We started snapping photos like crazy tourists. Oh, yea we are crazy tourists. ;)


Sarlat features fois gras, so there are a lot of goose figures around. We are heading out again this evening.

Location:Sarlat, France

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