On to the Dordogne River Valley

In a few hours we'll be getting up to rocket down the road toward the Dordogne. Well, rocket is probably overstating it as our little rental is decidedly meager in the horsepower area. Our stay in the Loire has been fabulous, and we have enjoyed the sights and meeting people from various parts of Europe at our bed and breakfast slash hotel here in Chinon.
In pondering what to say about the next stop in our voyage, I came across an article in The Guardian about the Dordogne that says it pretty well.

"The countryside - a patchwork of fields of maize and tobacco interspersed with walnut groves and oak woods - is hypnotically beautiful. Sightseeing is first rate, with a plethora of caves, fairy-tale châteaux, and medieval towns and villages that are so picturesque they could be stage sets for Les Misérables."

We'll let you know what our impressions are over the next five days.
Maybe, I can go back to sleep for a few hours now. Waking at 3:00 while on vacation seems counter intuitive.

Location:Rue Lavoisier,Chinon,France


  1. Wow, the description of your next stop sounds dreamy. I'm excited to hear and see all that you share. By the way, I'm sad that I don't see anyone commenting on your blog. I'll have to help Mom when I talk to her this weekend. Are you able to see my comments?
    Special request for a photo of you and Jo :)

    1. Yep see everyone of them, and respond to each.



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