Last day in Colmar

Today was our last day in Colmar. Tomorrow we move on to Strasbourg. We’ll only be there one and a half days, as we are there to catch the TGV, France’s super fast rail system, to get us over to Normandy and eventually Paris.
Today was stiflingly hot. Hotter than Yakima right now by almost twenty degrees. 94 degrees is just about too much when your out traipsing around. We managed to survive it pretty well though with a couple of new straw hats and plenty of cold drinks and sorbet under the umbrellas.
We really love the Alsace region of France. Yesterday, as we were visiting one of the smaller villages, we came across two older ladies speaking Alsation, a dialect of German that seems to have French influences.
The picture is another of the section of Colmar called Le Petite Venise.

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