Chez Leslie, Colmar, France

Just a few shots of our lovely room at Chez Leslie. The room as beautiful balcony over looking one of the squares in a quiet residential neighborhood. It is owned and run by Leslie Collins/Pivard, a transplanted American that has been living here for 16 plus years.
We have had some very interesting discussions about the differences between the French social structure and our almost non-existent one. She is very passionate when she discusses the overwhelming benefits of, for example, health care here versus the U.S. She couldn’t get over how so many in the States are opposed to quality health care for all.
But, I have let my political views take me off topic once again, much to Jodi’s dismay. Sorry, honey. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

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  1. Hello Jo and Arnie...Nice digs, same color as my living & dining room. Great job on sharing.



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