Vantage, Quincy, and Crescent Bar

Beautiful weather in central Washington. Nothing like seeing water towers on the horizon;-)

I love the quirkiness of many small towns. Quincy, in the middle of Washington State, has lovely wall art in the downtown, funky sculptures and open fields of alfalfa, corn, and mint. There is an abundance of sage brush and clean air.

For a relaxing and enjoying family fun the place to go is nearby Crescent Bar.


The beauty of this place is in the rugged steep walls that surround the sand bar that is Crescent Bar. These huge walls change constantly as the sun sails through the clear cloudless sky.

Washington has many fascinating areas to visit. One favorite is Vantage, Ginko Petrified Forest, because of the deep natural history of ancient floods, prehistoric animals and early Native American petroglyphs.

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